Mar 01, 2023

The OS for building products

Every day, someone out there has a new idea worth looking into. Maybe it’s a problem they came across at work, or maybe it’s an issue a friend told them about. Now, you might be thinking more people are facing the same problem and making the solution available to them wouldn’t be much more effort.

You’d be right if the first mile of a product wasn’t the hardest. Whether you make it through the drag of setting everything up decides if the solution ever sees the light of day. The worst part about beginning something new is that you know you should be talking to people, validating your idea, and building the core product, not everything around it that’s still needed to ship it.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not only figuring out which tools to use and then setting them up, of course. No, you’ll have to understand each tool down to the core concepts to integrate everything into a solution that mostly works for your use case. That’s not meaningful work, and it doesn’t feel great when you could be focusing on the actual product instead.

This is where Anzu comes in. Over time, my co-founder Tim and I noticed that we were spending considerable amounts of valuable time on the same dull tasks for every product. Adding sign-in, account management, tracking user activity with analytics, monitoring errors, and keeping tabs on our users in a CRM, 80% of the work is shared by every team building a SaaS product today.

We’ve become accustomed to using specialized tools for every area of work, so we end up with dozens of tools we don’t ever fully utilize while we’re forced to spend time on getting everyone the data they need.

Let’s think of a different approach. If fragmentation has failed us, why don’t we put everything an early-stage team needs into one place, fully integrated so you don’t lose any time and can ship your idea in days instead of weeks.

This is what we’ve been working on for some time now and I’m delighted to announce that Anzu is moving into early access from today on, available for teams to try. If this sounds like something you’d need right now, please let me know, and feel free to sign up.

With Anzu, you can get user management, product analytics, your CRM, and more up and running in under one hour, knowing that we’ll grow with you and are here to stay for the long run. In the end, Anzu succeeds when we help teams build better products, faster.