Sep 12, 2019 · 1 minute

🥨 A Brief GraphQL Day Bodensee Recap

Last Friday marked the first-ever edition of southern Germany's only GraphQL conference held yet, GraphQL Day Bodensee. Taking place in beautiful Konstanz, the one-day conference was hosted by Honeypot and GraphCMS and offered a variety of amazing talks focused on GraphQL and its ecosystem, ranging from the adoption and operation of GraphQL services to serverless deployments and client-side tooling.

Even though I visited a bunch of amazing tech conferences this year, I'll have to say that the first iteration of GraphQL Day Bodensee was incredibly well-organized in addition to having top-tier speakers presenting a lot of relevant content, which resulted in a remarkable event I'd love to repeat next year.

The talks covered topics like using GraphQL in an environment of distributed systems, from creating GraphQL services interfacing with Neo4j (Rhys Evans @ Financial Times) and utilizing real-time updates with subscriptions (AWS AppSync and Hasura), to scaling a multi-tenant GraphQL-native infrastructure (David Gustys @ GraphCMS). I would heavily recommend re-watching aforementioned talks (just watch all talks, they're great), once they're uploaded.

This concludes my condensed recap of GraphQL Day Bodensee 2019, please check out all talks once they're up and if you're close to Bodensee next year, hopefully see you around as well!