Jun 26, 2019 · ⏱ 2 minutes

Retrospective on GraphQL Conf & Prisma Day 🎆

Last week I had the opportunity to join some of my coworkers on a trip to both GraphQL Conf and Prisma Day in Berlin, the two developer conferences which are most interesting to me personally, and I wasn't let down.

Because by the time I'm writing this post, some time has passed since both conferences took place and other people already started working on some great write-ups on the content of those, which is why I won't cover every talk but rather focus on key takeaways that excite me and the team over at GraphCMS most.

Starting off with Prisma Day, apart from the announcement of Prisma 2 (and the tooling around it including PhotonJS and Lift), the general topic of most talks naturally was connected to databases and storage systems, but also current cloud technologies and web development trends, which included an interesting perspective for every attendant.

Especially fascinating was the talk on stateful serverless functions by ZEIT's CEO Guillermo Rauch, which already sounds like a paradox, as well as Evan Weaver's introduction to FaunaDB's vast set of features around cloud-native use cases and resilient global deployments.

Wrapping up Prisma Day, I absolutely enjoyed the complete event including the great moderation and performance of all speakers.

The talks of GraphQL Conf offered various insights into real-world use cases and engineering approaches related to, who would have thought, GraphQL, for example comparing SDL-first and programmatic schema building techniques, but also best practices which companies like Twitter adopted over their product development cycles using GraphQL.

Although the number of attendants was overwhelmingly large this year, or maybe that's exactly the reason, I felt that GraphQL Conf lacked a similar excitement about the journey of GraphQL as last year's event did, but maybe that's just me.

As with all developer conferences, meetups and events in general, the talks are great but it's really about the people you can meet in person! I was able to reach out to a lot of amazing folks I worked with over the past months, which boosted the experience to another level.

This should do for now and if you're interested in additional events to engage with the community around GraphQL, definitely check out GraphQL Day Bodensee, which takes places on 6th September.