May 12, 2019 · ⏱ 2 minutes

What's Next? 🚀

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dalí

While it has been a relatively long time since the last update about my current projects & endeavors, more than a third of the year has already passed and the recent months were packed full of exciting events, to say the least. In this post I'll attempt to outline what I'm planning for the near future, starting with my plans for building the application content platform of the future together with the amazing people over at GraphCMS.

🚀 GraphCMS

Almost a year ago (the anniversary should be in a few weeks), I joined the engineering team at GraphCMS as a working student, slowly but steadily picking up speed with the shiny tech stack we've been rocking so far. I assure you that there's only few places out there that offer a similarly fast-paced and cutting-edge environment comparable to this (for me personally, that is). Said opportunity, in addition to the great and talented folks I have the pleasure of working with, made the decision to extend my commitment into the journey an easy one. So that's the first item on the list, what's next?

⭐️ Personal Projects

Over the span of the last year I've also focused on collecting in-depth insights into the software containerization ecosystem around key technologies including Docker, Kubernetes and their respective communities, specifications, etc. and plan on building a variety of interesting projects centered around aforementioned topics (in addition to my all-time favorites of course). I'm absolutely stoked for what's going to come in the next months, hoping that my efforts don't somehow fall into the pit of unfinished side projects!

✍️ Guides, posts, you name it

Writing and pushing out technical content is one of the things I want to keep on doing in the future as well, hopefully even more than I'm currently able to, since the frequency of published posts has pretty much plummeted, all things considered. To be fair, it's not easy to find a new idea every week (or two), but that's not an excuse to hide behind, so (bi-)weekly post releases are going to continue 🙌

🙏 Open-Source

In addition to other goals I've listed so far, I'll try to commit myself and give back to the open-source community even more this year, whether it's through polishing code or by publishing my own projects to be used and contributed upon 👍

To wrap it up and conclude this list of plans, it sure looks like many exciting things will continue to happen this year, both personally and professionally, so don't forget to stay tuned for upcoming announcements and the usual posts!