Dec 22, 2018 · ⏱ 2 minutes

About me, myself and I πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

Hey there πŸ‘‹ It's great to have you here! If you haven't guessed by the title of this page, I'm Bruno, a full-stack web engineer from Germany. I'm currently building amazing features and monitoring systems infrastructure at πŸš€ GraphCMS. In my free time, I mostly work on side-projects like this blog and collaborate on open source projects including the amazing Node.js best practices and GraphQL.

From all available positions related to engineering around the web, I'm not really sure which one I'd see myself in most since I enjoy having the freedom to work on the full lifecycle of a project, ranging from product development to operational engineering, monitoring and whatever else comes up as long as it's related to interesting technologies.

A short selection of tech I use on a daily basis

I usually describe myself as an engineer; that's basically what I've been doing since I was a kid.

  • TypeScript: I really enjoy using TypeScript for all of my projects, regardless of size or use case, because it enables me to ship better features faster while gaining guarantees about how my code will run in production

  • Node.js: Obviously, as a web developer of today, I wouldn't come around using Node.js. There's not much to say more than it being awesome at what it does, you might have also noticed my involvement to some known projects around its ecosystem

  • Go: Since there's a lot of use cases where you just need that extra bit of performance and safety, I'm currently using Go for building scalable web services, especially in combination with GraphQL and other tools around modern backend web development.

  • Docker: It doesn't get easier than running applications in the same environment, regardless of being in development or production. Docker is one of my favorite tools to use for developing and deploying all the things

  • Kubernetes: Deploying applications to the cloud, as easy as pie, K8s does the job. I'm all-in on all things Kubernetes, working on a wide array of projects based on the K8s ecosystem

  • GraphQL: Fetching and mutating data with built-in type validation, using codegen tools and building modern services with ease, GraphQL is one of the core technologies of my projects and, obviously, my job

  • React: I've had a marvellous experience building web applications using React, it has gotten even better with the recent introduction of hooks, making so many things way easier, it's a joy!