I'm Bruno.

I'm a software engineer from Germany, interested in modern technologies around the web, containers & cloud platforms, music production, entrepreneurship & SaaS business models, going on bike tours, running, personal knowledge management, productivity, and whatever else comes up along the way.

What do I do?

I currently work as a software engineer at GraphCMS. I'm also studying Management and Technology at Technical University of Munich.

I've worked as a software engineer, building backend services handling millions of requests per day, using technologies like Golang, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Node.js. I've also spent a fair share of my time building frontend web applications using React.js, Apollo, and XState. While I love trying out new and experimental technologies, I strongly prefer battle-tested solutions and boring technologies for production systems.

There's a lot going on at once right now, so to get some ideas out of my head and prevent more unfinished side projects from sitting in the corner, I try to write as much useful stuff down and put it on this site, hoping that I might reach other people with similar ideas. I'm also at a stage where I'm trying out a lot of things (building side projects, writing blog posts, studying, working at a startup, working fully remote, etc.), so inevitably I need some place to put out my experiences.

This site is built with Next.js and TailwindCSS and hosted on Vercel, behind Cloudflare. It's a powerful setup that allows me to put out content fast, and change things even faster.

Oh right, if you want to stay on top of my released blog posts, I also put out a newsletter!

My platforms & How to get in contact